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CMA Citizen Advisory Group (CAG)

Purpose of the Citizens Advisory Group

SGMA requires the Committee to consider the interests of diverse social, cultural, and economic elements of the population within the CMA during development of the GSP, including the interests of all beneficial uses and users of groundwater. Collaborative and inclusive processes will assist in making the GSP more resilient by increasing public buy-in, promoting compliance, and enhancing the quality of information on which the GSP is based. The Committee has established an open and ongoing list of interested persons to whom notices are and will be sent regarding meetings of the CMA GSA, GSP development, and other SGMA-related activities. The purpose of a CAG is to provide an additional level of public input to the Committee in a way that represents different categories of groundwater uses and users in the CMA as set forth by SGMA. At various points during development of the GSP, the CAG may be asked to provide its perspective on elements or sections of the GSP and on the final draft of the GSP that will be submitted to the California Department of Water Resources (DWR).

To ensure an efficient and collaborative process, the Committee appointed members to the CAG that reflect a diversity of interests and different types of groundwater uses and users in the CMA. As requested by the Committee, the CAG will provide input to the Committee relating to various elements or sections of the GSP, including but not limited to those pertaining to stakeholder engagement, data management, the hydrogeologic conceptual model and numeric groundwater model, water budgets, sustainability goals, monitoring programs, and projects and management actions.